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Variable Geometry Plate Bending Machines
  • Exceptionally high rolling capacity, due to variable bending span of the bottom rolls. The variable geometry machines prove to be the most attractive investment for heavy plate thickness. (Above 100mm)
  • The two bottom rolls move horizontally, independent of each other and are rotated by integrated planetary gearboxes with hydraulic motor.
  • Thin plates need closely spaced rolls to avoid driving slippage and spring back.
  • All three conficiting demands are achieved in this design without compromising performance or economy.
  • The top roll moved up and down by hydraulic cylinders. Adjusting the distance between the bending points to an optimum value is ensured, by this construction.
  • The rolling capacity of such machines in at most Double the edge bending capacity.
  • An unbeatable synergy of Edge Bending Precision along with remarkable increase of Rolling Power is the resuIt of this unique geometry.
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