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Three Roll Plate Bending Machines

Our top-of-the-line Plate Bending Machines are designed for hassle-free usage and energy saving features; to ensure peace of mind and operational ease for plate bending jobs.

  • Coaxial planetary gear drive
  • Complete overload protection
  • Convenient centralized controls
  • Push button operated swing arm for removal of shell
  • This type of machine has linear guidance for the two bottom rolls. Its geometry has minimum distance between the bending points resulting into higher bending accuracy.
  • Top roll remains fixed & bottom rolls move vertically (inclined). Two bottom rolls are power driven by planetary gearboxes with electric or hydraulic.
  • Highest degree of edge-bending can be achieved
  • Edge bending is possible for both ends before or after the rolling operation
  • It can pre-pinch and roll the plate without removing the plate from the machine after first insertion
  • Inclined movement of bottom rolls provides wider bending span as the plate thickness increases, and better grip for thinner plates
Comfort and Peace of Mind
  • Easy to understand hydraulic and electrical system reduces down time
  • Spare parts are rarely needed and easily available
  • In large machines, planetary gearboxes are driven by multiple hydraulic motors, ensuring a balanced torque transmission
  • All 6 roll ends are automatically lubricated by a centralized timer control lubrication system
  • Tropicalised oil cooling system ensures non stop working in Indian summers
Energy Saving
  • Energy saving is ensured in machines by a hydraulic system which can work at less than full capacity when jobs less than maximum thickness are rolled
  • Built-in cone bending without any extra attachment
  • Many shapes like oil tankers and elliptical shells can be made
  • Cone bending is an inherent feature of the machine that Himalaya offers without any extra cost. Many shapes like oil tankers and elliptical shells can be made.
Bending Process (Rolling)
  • Edge bending can be done before or after shell rolling, depending on operator skill an choice. Thin plates can be rolled and the edge bent in a single pass.
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