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Caring For The Old, Rearing For The New.

With Himalaya Machines, it is not a one time purchase, but an unsaid bond of trust that we get into with you.

At Himalaya, we have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who lend excellent customer service support in shortest possible time

A point in case - we’re still providing spares and service support to our 1 st Plate Bending Machine manufactured in late 70s.

  • 3-year machine warranty is our standard warranty and we also provide a 5-year machine warranty at negligible cost of the machine.
  • And lastly, our network of resident technicians spread across various cities of India help provide the fastest possible service support.

At Himalaya, a promise made to you, is one we make to ourselves.


At Himalaya, we are dedicated to the supply of service and spares. We maintain an adequate quantity of electrical parts, rubber components and other components to reduce chances of customer machine downtime. Spares are available for any machine, irrespective their age.

About Us

For more than 40 years now, we, Himalaya Machinery Pvt. Ltd, (HMPL) – a heavy engineering company – have steadily worked our way to the top and are a leading brand to reckon with in India.

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