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  Research & Development  

Himalaya believes in its engineering expertise and generates and implements ideas to test on this base. Himalaya also likes to fulfil its social and environmental obligations.

It has developed a number of prototypes during the last twenty years, which can be socially useful, low priced and technologically appropriate.

  Energy saving machines  

Innovative ideas are applied in drive train and power system designing to minimise energy losses and improve efficiency. Applying force at the right place and the right time, using mechanical components that create minimum friction, using circuit logic which optimises input power and other refinements in the machine create a package that is powerful and eco-friendly.

  Prototype development  

The solar thermal prototypes were developed with the help of German physicist Wolfgang Scheffler who is also the inventor of this technology.

None of these ideas is patented and they are available to anyone who wants to pursue beyond the prototype level.

  The following are some of the key prototypes developed by us:  
Low temperature Stirling Engine
Vapour absorption systems for chemical pollution control
Bullock driven and pedal powered electricity generators
Solar thermal concentrator for cooking up to 400° C
Solar Crematorium (750° C)
1 kW wind electric generator for village use
A uni-focal solar concentrator up to 1100° C
Light weight Bullock cart
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