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Plate Straightening Machines

Himalaya Plate straightening machines are extremely efficient, work with great accuracy & reliability, and are easy to operate and maintain.

Each straightening roll is crowned to compensate for deflection resulting into small diameter of straightening rolls, smallest possible distance between the straightening rolls, increased straightening range and best straightening results.

All rolls are mounted in high grade bronze bearings resulting into low drive power, low side pressure and low maintenance costs for the bearings.

  • Will be within ± 1 mm per meter for the rated capacity range.

Main components of the 'Himalaya' plate straightening machines are fabricated machine body with the roll system and the driving gears.

Body housings are rigid and made from welded steel plate construction which is resistant to torsion even under peak loads in continuous service

The upper part of the body contains the drive system for the vertical adjustment, the upper straightening rolls and the two auxiliary (side) rolls. All transverse forces are absorbed by guides built into the upper and lower part of the body.

Roll System

The roll system consists of 5/4/3 upper and 4/3/2 lower straightening rolls and the two auxiliary (side) rolls. The two auxiliary rolls, one of them arranged at the entry side and another at the exit side in the top part of the machine body, can be vertically adjusted independent of each other. They are well supported (against backlash), even when thin plates requiring correspondingly low straightening force are being processed.


The main drive is effected by a reversible induction motor. The transmission to the spur gears is through a heavy coupling. All high speed shafts including the spur gears are mounted in anti-friction bearings.

The Adjustment

The upper roll system is brought into working position by reversible induction motors. The reversing motors similarly mounted on the drive side of the machine effect the adjustment ofthe two side rolls.

The Indicators

Distance between the upper edge of the lower roll and the lower edge of the upper roll is indicated on the dials mounted at the non-driving side of the machine. The degree of adjustment of side rolls is also indicated on two dials at the feed side of the machine. The adjusting ranges of the upper roll system and of the auxiliary rolls are limited by limit switches.

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