Panel Bending Machines
HIMALAYA Boiler Membrane Panel Bending Machine capable of forming multi-tube Boiler Membrane Panels
  • This machine will have two support rolls and one forming beam. It will be mounted in a rigid Box like frame such that the support rollers can be moved towards each other or away from each other depending on the radius of the bending required.
  • The movement of the support rollers will be through electromechanical drive. The movement can be operated through push buttons provided on the console.
  • The pressing beam can be moved back and forth by 2 hydraulic cylinders. The end of stroke accuracy (position and parallelism) will be within ± 1 mm. During approach and return, the parallelism will be in the range of ± 2 mm. The cylinders will be synchronised using PLC.
  • A push button controlled swing arm is provided at the top to give clearance for removing the panel after bending operation or for changing the rolls.
  • The required bending angle can be achieved depending upon the pressing roll dia and the position of support rollers. After the required bending angle is achieved, the position of the support rollers can be noted from the mechanical scale provided and the position of pressing rollers can be noted from the digital readout provided on the console. Repetitive jobs can be done faster based on the readings noted for the earlier similar job done.
  • The control panel and a movable console will be provided for the convenience of the operator.
  • Our scope does not include movable roller trolleys for supporting the panel. We recommend grooved tooling for thin walled pipes. Cost for one set of dies has been quoted. The tolerance on bend will be generally in the range of ± 0.5 degree or ± 3 mm for radius depending upon the material properties of the pipe (panel).
300 Ton Press
1600 Ton X 7200 mm Span Press
1600 Ton X 7200 mm Span Press
Press in Assembly
11 Roller - 800 mm Span X 8 mm
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