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Four Roll Plate Bending Machines
  • These Plate Bending Machines have four rolls and liner guidance for the side rolls.
  • The Top roll remains fixed, the bottom roll moves vertically, and the two side rolls move in liner guide way to form the shell.
  • The top and bottom rolls are power driven by planetary gearboxes with hydraulic motors.
  • Thin Plates need closely spaced rolls to avoid driving slippage.
  • Location of the bottom roll directly below the top roll ensures very good grip on such jobs.
  • Due to the high productivity of low thickness shells, the four roll machines prove to be an attractive investment for mass production of pipes and shells.
  • Over and above the cones, other non-circular shapes like oil tankers & elliptical shells can be made.
  • This type of roll configuration also facilitates CNC operation.
  • 20-30% higher Investment for the same thickness capacity and span compared to similar three roll machine.
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